Announcing the New WP Email Capture Support System

It’s been a busy week for me, in the last few weeks. I’ve been taking stock of how things are going with WP Email Capture Premium, and am now ready to announce a few changes and upcoming things!

New Server

The first big change is that we’re now on a brand new, dedicated VPS Server. In short – it means the site that was a bit sluggish over the past few weeks is now super quick. I’ve been keeping an eye on things and overall I’m delighted with the move (which caused me a few grey hairs, I must admit. However, it’s done, and it’s should now be super fast.


One thing however that has changed is the support system for users of Premium. Basically the new server had rather a complex email setup (meaning I couldn’t set it up!), which was needed for the site. As such, I’ve swapped to a forum based system that will hopefully serve the site well going forward.

What Does that Mean for Premium Customers?

If you’ve already bought WP Email Capture – NOTHING CHANGES. You still get a lifetime support to WP Email Capture Premium. Only difference will be the support link up the top will take you to the support forum, rather than a ticketing system. It’s a lot cleaner in my opinion, and hopefully will allow me to serve you better. You still get the support, for life, for free. Thank you.

The only thing that may change is your login details may not work. No worries, just reset your password and you’ll be fine. If you’re still having trouble please email me.

What Does that Mean for Free Users?

Again, nothing changes for free users, I will still answer non-urgent questions on the forums. However, if questions are urgent, you can now buy premium support. Premium support will allow you access to the forums to ask questions that I will aim to answer in one business day. I’ve been praised for my support dedication, so rest assured you’re getting great value. There are various tier levels, and you can have it a rolling subscription or an ongoing one.

What Does That Mean for Potential Premium Customers?

I have slightly changed the structure of Premium, meaning that it now only comes with 6 months support, as opposed to a lifetime support. What I have found is in the 2 years I’ve been running WP Email Capture, most support requests occur within 3 weeks of purchasing. Only 1 support request in 2 years was asked by a customer with over 6 months of usage out of the premium version.

Rest assured this only applies for support for now, you will still get updates.

For the next week, I’m putting WP Email Capture Premium on sale, so you can still get the lifetime free support. To get it, purchase WP Email Capture with the LIFETIMESUP20 to get both lifetime free support & 20% off WP Email Capture.

Click here to buy.

What’s The Future of WP Email Capture?

Just to give you an overview on what I’ve got planned over the next few months. I’ve got WP Email Capture 3.11 coming out soon which fixes a few small bugs. And then I’ll be pushing on with WP Email Capture 4.0.

Verison 4.0 will be almost a complete rewrite of the code. The plan is to introduce a range of extensions, which will hook into WP Email Capture, so that those who use them, can, wheras those who don’t, don’t have to. That’s the plan anyway.

25% WP Email Capture – Independance Day Coupon Code

With a lot of people celebrating Independance Day tomorrow, I thought we’d celebrate by offering a discount on WP Email Capture.

For this weekend, you can get a 25% discount of WP Email Capture Premium. To take advantage of this offer, when checking out, add the following discount code:-


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Hurry! As the discount finishes on Tuesday.

As always, any issues or problems please contact us.

Happy July 4th!

WP Email Capture 2.10 Released!

Hi everybody! After a bit of a break, I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.10!

This adds two new translations (one fully translated for WP Email Capture Premium), fixes a bug in the premium, and adds an extra feature. Here’s what is included.

Free Fixes

Premium Fixes

  • New feature on the Settings page allowing you to choose where notification emails go to. I will write a post shortly to cover this new feature.
  • Fixes an issue that the WP Email Capture TinyMCE button didn’t work in WordPress 3.9.
  • Full Italian Translation done.


A massive thank you to both Borisa and Giuseppe, the latter helped me immensely with a few fixes in the premium version as well, with more translated strings.

Both versions are available now. Premium users please log in to download. If you wish to download or purchase WP Email Capture please check out our plans and pricing page.

WP Email Capture 2.9 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.9!

This version fixes a bunch of small bugs, rather than anything substantial. However if you’ve been having issues with WP Email Capture in the last 2 or 3 versions of WordPress, this should’ve fixed them.

None of them have been major bugs, just issues. Here is what was fixed:-

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed a small bug that produced warnings should security fields not be passed.
  • Style buttons in a style for WordPress 3.8.
  • Remove a rogue mysql_real_escape_string() call making it compatible with WordPress 3.9.
  • Introducing stylings for error messages.

Both versions are available now. Premium users please log in to download. If you wish to download or purchase WP Email Capture please check out our plans and pricing page.

Capture Emails Where They Least Expect It – A Real World Example

This article is written by Anita Reid

Since the internet started, there have been many different methods to grow your traffic and to build an audience. The one thing that’s remained true since day 1 is that having an email list puts you in the driver’s seat. When you have a list, you don’t have to lose sleep at night worrying about search engines changing their algorithms or your Facebook Page’s exposure being significantly reduced on a whim.

No matter what your major sources of traffic are right now, chances are that within the next year or two they will have undergone significant changes. If you’re creating a powerful mailing list, you won’t have to worry about where the traffic is coming from because you’ll be able to capture it and hold on to it long-term.

We’ll go over some tips that will help you to capture email subscribers with WordPress. But first, let’s take a look at a really interesting and successful campaign that combined social media, viral promotion and  list building to create a lasting impact – and best of all – it was for an all-local, super-targeted audience!

A Real-World Example

The Mater Foundation is an organization that made a big splash with their first online campaign, and continues to reap the benefits to this day. Along with gaining a ton of exposure to sports fans (which we’ll discuss in a moment), in the media and via word of mouth, they were able to add just shy of 2500 new subscribers to their mailing list, whom they have been able to keep in close contact with years later.

This campaign (called “Change Lives) had many objectives besides just building a larger mailing list. Other objectives included raising awareness for the Mater home lottery charity, to raise awareness of their VIP program, to grow their presence online and via social media sharing platforms and to strengthen their bond with the Brisbane Lions, a local football team.

By partnering up with the Lions for this charity, the benefits were two-fold. For one, the Brisbane Lions had an outlet to give back to the communities that support them, and it helped Mater by strengthening their relationship with a popular local sports team.

Campaign Execution

Mater Foundation executed the campaign in two phases. The first phase was executed at the Brisbane Lions game, while the second phase was carried out online.

The goal of phase one was to get people at a Brisbane Lions game to enter a competition by sending an SMS with their email address. Both the SMS and the email had to be confirmed.

The prize for the winner at the game was to get a signed Brisbane Lions jersey, while the major draw would see the two lucky winners get to spend three days and go to an away trip with Brisbane Lions, including being wined and dined at the corporate box, getting the picture taken with the team, and a limousine transfer, but this was phase two.

A brilliant move was to place a call to action message in a free Chinese fortune cookie given out to everyone who attended the game, and to announce the winner of the jersey at one point in the game.

Phase two included a nudge for the entrants to invite their friends to participate by giving them more chances to win the main prize. All entrants could view a streaming video of the draw.

Campaign results of this campaign delivered on a very tight budget included:

  • well over 1000 SMSs sent at the game
  • over 2500 competition entries
  • almost 2500 subscribers for the Matter Prize Home newsletter

Tips for List-Building with WordPress

As you can see, a campaign can be fairly inexpensive if it’s well thought out, and this Mater Foundation campaign was just one of the many examples of brilliant execution.

If you’re using WordPress for your project, it’s really easy to get setup to promote your mailing list and to gather a lot of leads. Don’t worry, you won’t need an entire sports team backing you (although it does help, just ask The Mater Foundation!)

For starters, it’s usually not a great idea to use the default templates for the opt-in boxes on your WordPress site. WP Email Capture helps you deal with this easily, as the plugin is as simple to use as WordPress is (and trust me, WordPress is easy to use compared to other CMS solutions).

The Mater Foundation had a lot of great prizes to give away as an incentive for people to share their content with friends, what do you have that you can offer people in exchange for signing up to your list?

A huge tip that most people overlook is to split-test their messages. Also known as A/B testing, this process helps ensure you’re getting the best open rates possible for your messages by taking the time to figure out exactly what wording works best for your list.

No two lists are alike, so even if you only have a few hundred subscribers, you should take time to send out variations of your messages to different segments of your list. Depending on the size of your list, you might send out the initial messages to 10-50% (lower percentage for a larger list), then once you have determined which version of the email is most effective, you can send that one to the rest of your list. The larger your list is, the smaller the % of total subscribers you’ll need to use for split-testing in order to get a decent sample size.

Final Thoughts

The Mater Foundation had both long-term goals (like increasing exposure) and shorter-term goals (like building a list and promoting their prizes and give-aways). It’s important to look at short-term results, but to always keep long-term assets in mind. A mailing list is a long-term asset that will help you to promote and raise awareness for everything you do. It keeps your readers engaged, and it helps you stay connected to people who may otherwise have forgotten about your WordPress site.

Anita Reid is a freelance social media manager working from home. She takes care of her two girls and her husband, keeps up to date on industry news and even manages to squeeze in an article or two every now and then.

How To Build Your Email Marketing List With A WordPress Site

email marketing pic

This post is by Stephan Jukic from Reachmail.

Email marketing lists are still one of the best and most powerful ways for any small business owner or online seller to build up a base of fans to which they can sell their products. Not only this but the conversion rates and ROI for email marketing still remain some of the most optimal of any digital marketing method according to some figures seen here from Econsultantcy.

What also makes email marketing even easier today than it’s ever been in all of its not too long history is the sheer availability of easy to use, off the shelf tools that can be joined together into a full blown email marketing package that you can have running in just hours or days at the most.

One of these tools, probably the most powerful, is the website management platform WordPress. More formally known as a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress is free to download and install to a specific domain on your web hosting and can be used to create all sorts of beautiful websites, blogs and landing pages in no time and with little coding knowledge.

Furthermore, thousands of available plugins can be attached to your WP site and give you access to special email marketing or SEO optimization tools that can be also activated in just minutes.

Thus, if your idea is to start an email marketing campaign for whatever you’re selling or promoting, starting off your website through the ease of a WordPress site and going from there is your absolute best option for low costs and potential high returns.

Let’s get down to some details.

Pick your Theme Carefully

Assuming you already have a domain name registered and a website up and running, you’re going to want to start with a “theme” for your WordPress site. Themes are basically just skins with their own distinct built-in functionality that can be downloaded to your base website and installed so they run according to their specific requirements. If you have a blog, you’d need to install a blog friendly theme, and if you have a static opt-in site, you should go for an even simpler landing page theme for your email marketing.

You can get your hands on all kinds of WordPress themes at websites like Themeforest and Elegant Themes. These will cost you a bit of money to buy but they’re worth the price if you’re looking for maximum functionality. Thousands of free WordPress themes are also available from the site itself but they often lack the more robust features and cleaner looks of paid themes.

The bottom line for whichever theme you choose is that it needs to be optimally designed for giving you the highest possible opt-in rates for your campaign.

This means you should choose themes whose visual interface neatly, smoothly and in a very visible way emphasizes your site’s email opt-in area for first time visitors. This applies whether you’re using a blog theme or a static landing page theme. In both cases, go for themes that give you a clean, elegant and modern display, which makes opting in with an email, address easy to do and as enticing as possible.

Ideally, your email opt-in section should be boldly visible front and center on your static landing page or very obviously located to one side or another on a blog based landing page.

Use Plugins for Maximum Performance

Like we had already mentioned, WordPress isn’t just about the themes themselves. Its power is even further enhanced by the massively diverse availability of plugins and addons that can be downloaded and installed to your WP sites so that they have all sorts of extra functionality and features.

Many of these plugins can be specifically used in the context of email marketing and help you boost your visitor opt-in and conversion rates beyond what you’d get with a simple landing page.

One excellent example of a fantastic little plugin that many famous marketers have seen really boosts their own email opt-in rates is the email opt-in pop up window! These can be installed on your blog or site so that when a new visitor browses to it, the pop up springs up a few seconds after their arrival and offers the reader a clear and impossible to miss value proposition in exchange for their email address. This value proposition can be access to exclusive content, a free report or a bonus offer of some kind.

Either way, as the above link shows, using pop-ups can really cause your email conversion rates to jump above the rate they would have with a typical opt-in section on your WP landing page.

The best thing about pop-up plugins? They’re available as WordPress plugins and really easy to download, install and set into tailor to your site. Here’s one really powerful example from Optin Revolution, as well as this one from Pippity.

In addition to email marketing pop-up plugins, your WP site will let you install and use all sorts of other addons that can also be awesome allies in boosting the success of your email marketing campaign. This is the power of WordPress, the fact that it makes all of this so simple, cheap and easy to do.

Set up Email Marketing Software

As a final but crucial step in making your email marketing campaign work effectively, you’ll need to set it up through software that’s specifically built for managing email campaigns. You could run your email collection manually, but this would not only be really time consuming, it would also damage your ability to really fine tune your campaigns with specialized mail outs, targeted email campaigns and all sorts of email analytics data.

Thus, the need for some good email marketing software that can hook up to your WP site. All kinds of options are available, but the best option may be to use WP Email Capture, from this very site. Visit their website, see what the requirements are and build it into your WordPress site before launching your email campaign.

Stephan Jukic is enjoys writing about email marketing for Reachmail. He also loves to read and write about subjects as varied as the idea of a location-free business, portable business management, and strategic marketing and advertising tactics. Connect with Stephan on Google+ and LinkedIn.

How To Best Use Email Marketing As A Small Business Owner

This article is written by Missy Diaz

As a small business website or blog owner you most likely have a goal or three, and these goals most likely include an increased readership, business leads, more traffic, higher income or all of the above. Regardless of the end result, the methods you employ are what will vary and separate you from the fray.

How To Best Use Email Marketing As A Small Business Owner

Image via (Flickr)

The methods to reach your online marketing ambitions consist of, but are not limited to the following; social media, SEO, email marketing and or mobile optimization. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on email marketing. Specifically, how to best use it as a website or blog owner to reach your business targets. Let’s take a look at three good ways to use email marketing for your small business starting immediately.

1. Leads

One of the many ways that you can use email marketing as a small business owner is to garner leads. This is what many do and works quite well especially during busy times. You can set up special campaigns just for lead generation, such as during the Holidays. One such idea would involve creating a campaign that involves customers submitting Holiday photos, you would then create a contest out of it. Form of entry would be an email. People love taking photos and most importantly they love (sharing) photos. You could set it up on Pinterest, your blog or via your company newsletter. The possibilities really are endless; just keep it fun, interesting or captivating. And of course record and save all email addresses captured.

2. Niche Authority

Many service businesses make good use of their email newsletter by presenting themselves as the go to authority in their niche. They do this by providing not only pertinent information but also by showcasing great tips and advice on how to do things, how to use their products better, etc. They become the top resource in their respective niche and customers can’t get enough. Your mileage might vary depending on your niche, but we bet the horse ranch that just about any industry or niche can make good use of this method. Your newsletter can become a “must read” item in my inbox or it can be just another disposable – you decide. How do you become an authority in your niche? Find out. Start by asking your clients what they want to learn more about, ask them in person or conduct surveys. Do online research on your clients or demographics and figure out what matters most – information wise – and then deliver it.

3. Referrals

Another easily overlooked idea by many small business owners is using email marketing as a referral source. Aside from the above you can create special campaigns whereby you ask your current or prospective customers to refer business your way. The trick is to provide an enticing incentive of some sort. This could be a free consultation, a percent off coupon or discount, a freebie product, trial review, etc. It has to be something quite good and enticing in order to incite action. If your offer is lackluster, it won’t generate much excitement and or traction. Make it good, make it “a can’t refuse” offer.

There have been numerous studies done that show email marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon, and is an expenditure many business owners plan to spend heavily on in the years to come. It nicely complements other online marketing methods such as social media and SEO, and if you wield it properly can net you many effective results. Try our tips above and get your email marketing on today.

Missy Diaz is a blogger in the trade show industry and during the day writes for Exhibit Deal Displays at night, she tries to put her trade show knowledge to good use by writing about the industry as often as she can. She’s also quite active on social media and as such you can follow her on Twitter for more tips and updates.

Email Marketing Tips: Increasing Opt-Ins and Conversions the Right Way

Hi there! Over the next month or so, whilst I work on WP Email Capture, I’m going to experiment with a few guest posts to get a bit more readership on a much neglected area of my site. So without further ado, here is Piers Ede on how to increase opt-ins without annoying your audience.

Although every second article claims G+ is the latest thing, or that social media is the most effective way to increase sales, our experience shows that email marketing remains, hands down, the most profitable way of earning money from a website. Ever heard the phrase ‘preaching to the converted?’ When you have a targeted group of people, all of whom have opted in to receive your newsletter, this is what’s happening. Having that data and sending out your monthly mail out is only half the battle though. Understanding the dynamics of email marketing requires a more subtle look into the ways in which users are going to read what you have to say. Here are some ideas on how to make it more effective.

Social Proof: Do a Little Boasting

All of us are creatures of the herd at heart and we respond to evidence that other people have done something before us. So if you’re got 250 subscribers boast about it. Write something like ‘Join our 249 regular subscribers to receive our fantastic monthly newsletter full of exciting offers.’ If you don’t have many subscribers just yet, contact an industry influencer and ask them to write something great about you and use that quote instead. Just as with the reviews on the back of books which influence our decision to buy, what influencers have to say about you can make a huge difference to sign up conversions.

The business of Overlays: Annoying but Effective

All of us have angrily clicked off an overlay that’s popped up just as we’re trying to leave a site. Yes, these pop-ups can be annoying, but people use them because they’re highly effective. Industry analysists Econsultancy report that using a pop up can increase conversions by a whopping 400 percent. One intelligent option to consider is a new tool called Bounce Exchange, in which a pop up will only appear when a visitor moves to the back browser button to leave the site.


Make your Calls to Action as Clear as Possible

Say your homepage has a call to action inviting users to sign up for your newsletter. It may even had a huge arrow pointing to the sign up box showing people where to sign. Clear, you think? Conversion Experts over at Conversion Voodoo released an interesting case study highlighting that even this may not be clear enough. Having a greyed out ‘enter your email here’ on the form itself increased signups by 36%.

Headline Copy

Assuming the page is reasonably well designed, one factor is going to have more impact on click throughs than anything else and that’s how you write your headline. Conversion Voodoo’s testing shows that users respond to headlines which state as clearly and succinctly as possible what they are going to receive. Write something like ‘Get my monthly newsletter packed with discounts and special offers’: this likely to convert better than a phrase like ‘Sign up for my monthly newsletter.’

Piers Ede writes about design and search for a number of industry publications, as well as on his own site Lewes SEO. You can connect with him on Google Plus here.

30% WP Email Capture Premium Black Friday Coupon Code

So tomorrow is Black Friday, and whilst I understand not everybody in the world has this day off (including myself), I understand that it’s quite a big shopping day.

So for this weekend only, I’m offering a 30% discount of WP Email Capture Premium. To take advantage of this offer, when checking out, add the following discount code:-


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Hurry! As the discount finishes on Monday.

As always, any issues or problems please contact us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


WP Email Capture 2.8 Released!

Today I’m delighted to announce the release of WP Email Capture 2.8!

This version adds a bunch of new features to both Paid and free versions, as well as introduce a new translation.

Free Version

  • You can now select the delimiter you wish to use for your mailing list. Default is still “comma”.
  • Spanish translation now included.

Premium Version

  • You can now select the delimiter you wish to use for your mailing list. Default is still “comma”.
  • You can now use meta values in your emails to clients.
  • Spanish translation is now included.


A big thank you to David Bravo of Dimension Multimedia for the Spanish tranlsation. If you want to submit a translation – bonuses and credit will be given! Please contact us for more details.

Both versions are available now. Premium users please log in to download. If you wish to download or purchase WP Email Capture please check out our plans and pricing page.