WP Email Capture Premium could not have been possible without the help of the following individuals:-

  • Jem Turner (@jemjabella), writer of Jem on WordPress. My second pair of eyes, who twice went through the code, and picking out faults and suggesting improvements. She is superb, and truly deserving of her “PHP Ninja” title.
  • Ryan Hellyer (@ryanhellyer) of PixoPoint. Another pair of eyes on the project, and for believing in my WordPress abilities, thank you.
  • Alex Moss (@alexmoss) and Shane Jones (@shanejones). The other two thirds of my three amigos. Two of the greatest people to bounce ideas off, and two of the smartest men I know.
  • Shell of Web Awesomeness. The pure fact that for the last few months of the project she put up with my Skype whinging. For that I thank her.
  • Kyle Elisick. For single handedly suggesting the most features for WP Email Capture.
  • Syed Balkhi (@syedbalkhi) of wpbeginner. For help in keeping the plugin both GPL & profitable, and the amazing review given to me.
  • Mum & Dad. For believing in me.
  • BVWC. For believing in me as well.
  • Jackie Hole (@jackiehole) of 22M. For allowing me to use her copy of Aweber for testing purposes.
  • Anybody who has ever translated WP Email Capture. The list is – French: Olivier (, German: Stephan ( & Marc Nilius (, @libertello), Brazilian Portuguese: Nick Lima (, @nick_linux), Dutch: Sander (, Hungarian: Surbma (
  • Anybody who has ever donated! Thanks to the following people: Eric Piers, William Kruger, Donna Illsley, Andrea Moore, Amy Conaire, Diana Foss (, Bits & Bobs, Farzad Diba, Mpefolo Consulting and Projects, William Jackson, Angelo Bellomo, Lynn Goodman & Angelo Cordaro.
  • Anybody who suggested a feature.
  • Anybody who tested pre-releases of the version of plugins.
  • For “T” and the ultimate stress test of being featured on a well known UK Celebrity website.
  • The people of MWUG – especially Mike Little.

And Matt Mullenweg and anybody who has improved WordPress over the years :)