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Early Bird Bonuses!

Join up today and you can receive the following early bird bonuses. Unlike other bonuses, these will not be around forever!

Lifetime Multi-Site Support and Upgrades

When you purchase WP Email Capture Premium during it’s launch price, you will receive lifetime support and upgrades. Future plans will include an upgrade or support limit, by purchasing today, you can use the plugin on as many sites as you want, receive a lifetime of updates, and premium support for as many sites as you install WP Email Capture on. For life.

Bonus – Author Plus (value – $25)!

Author Plus is a plugin that allows you to create content rich Author Pages for each author on your blog. The plugin also allows you to create rich author snippets easily, as well as create dynamic author lists on your blog, either on a page or in a widget.

The plugin contains full documentation, as well as a training video on how you can use some of the features to help increase the amount of visitors that visit your site via Google using Author Plus.

A Mystery Bonus (value – $27)!

After purchasing WP Email Capture, as a thank you, we have a mystery bonuses available when you download. We will tell you what it is in due course, however rest assured that this, along with Author Plus, sold separately are worth more than the price of WP Email Capture.

30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the plugin, we will issue a full refund. With no quibbles, no hassle, and 100% of your money will be refunded.


“Perhaps the feature that I’m most stoked about because of it’s potential to boost the effectiveness of newsletter sign-ups by telling the webmaster what’s working, where referrals are coming from, landing page hits and tracking conversions: the stats centre. Filter stats by date, by individual list or look at the whole picture… it’s a data whore’s wet dream!”

- Jem Turner, Jem on WordPress

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